Salvaging the beauty + charm of age-worn pottery pieces


    Kiln launched September 2020. Having spent lockdown life furloughed, I used the time away from my job as an interior designer sourcing for the old Bristol farmhouse I was waiting to call home. Discovering so many beautiful homewares already in existence (i.e antiques), I was instantly hooked on the excitement of finding furniture + decorative objects that were unique + steeped in history. Everything fell into place when I sourced an old garden pot from (who would turn out to be) my first supplier, shortly before being made redundant + eventually moving home. Kiln + my old farmhouse have been my life ever since!

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    Kiln at its core is neutral + muted, with a warm earthy palette of terracottas. The simplicity of raw organic textures + aged patinas of natural materials are found throughout.

    The collections are cohesive ensuring each Kiln piece is a timeless touch suited to both traditional + 'old meets new' inspired interiors. And ultimately create the comforting feeling of a well-loved home.

    Kiln embraces the Wabi-sabi ethos of the perfectly imperfect. The knocks + war wounds of salvaged pots are evidence of former life + are celebrated for their 'a little rough around the edges' beauty.


    Each of Kiln's piece is hand selected for its genuine aged aesthetic before being individually revived of its charm to be repurposed as beautiful objects for your homes. Preserving the historic character is integral to this process as those telling signs of previous life cannot be recreated by the 'aged-look' mass-produced alternatives.

    Kiln's terracotta pots were originally handmade by artisans to use as vessels for preserving + storing olive oil, grains + fruits through the late 19thC + early 20thC. The majority of pieces originate from Turkey + across the Levant, + are since sourced within the UK.

    Collections range from small pots that make for useful shelf fillers, centrepieces pots for table top styling, to large floor standing pots perfect as decorative statements for interiors + gardens. Kiln's antique clay lamps derive from these same beginnings + are each hand-picked for their suitability + converted locally by an independent specialist.

  • Neutral natural farmhouse interior styled with decorative unique clay pottery
  • Antique table with small antique Turkish pots + rustic natural styling
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    Firstly. The core purpose with Kiln has always been to make decorative antiques more accessible. Keeping the business small + having the ability to see the potential in something otherwise disused has allowed for fair pricing.

    Secondly. To offer unique + special pieces that have the ability to connect + best complement homeowners + their homes.

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    Firstly. Embracing a slow-living, considered approach to how we style our interiors to create homes as individual as we are. "A room should feel collected, not decorated", Albert Hadley

    Secondly. To furnish our homes sustainably + to design timelessly. Reviving + repurposing existing artisan-made pieces to extend their lifespan + find their forever homes.

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