Kiln is very much about the people and the pots! I encourage you to reach out - connecting + helping you is the most rewarding part of running Kiln so please send your pot requests my way.


    One. I have plenty more stock than you will find listed here + I am sourcing regularly. If I can't help today I will add you to my list + be in touch weeks, sometimes months, later if I find something I think you will love.

    Two. I'm a qualified interior designer. I've always been eager to help homeowners with their homemaking, Kiln is my place within the interiors world where I can do that best. So if you need some help with styling a space, I want to help find those special pieces that best complement you + your home. Feel free to send me photos + I will give my professional two-pence.

    Three. I will always be honest with my suggestions + the photographs/videos I send to you. I want you to feel confident in your decision making + have nothing but love for your Kiln pieces when they arrive. You are also welcome to visit me in Bristol + view in person.

    Four. I will always do my best for you. I adore these pots + discovering all their potential. I am happiest when creating pot pairings + groupings so really no request is too big or small.

    If you know exactly what you want - great! I cant wait to hear from you. If you are wanting a bit of inspiration first, head to Kiln's archived pieces page where you will find hundreds of previously rehomed pots all sourced by Kiln. Occasionally it is possible to find something similar in style to these pieces.

    I am always so honoured + grateful when Kiln customers put their trust in me with sourcing pots for their homes, it would be wonderful to hear from you also. Emily x

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  • Unique white Mediterranean olive pot with textured patina for interior decor


    Are you a professional Interior Designer, Stylist, Garden Designer? Work with Kiln! Trade pricing + benefits - without the need to register.

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  • Old pot styled on vintage elm coffee table as prop styling at a wedding antique-style seating area


    Style your big occasion or photoshoot uniquely + timelessly from a curated collection of olive pots + urns available to hire for your event.

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