Kiln is a one-woman business, specialising in antique pottery – run by me, Emily James, from my home in Bristol. If you are a professional interior designer, stylist, architect, developer, garden designer or landscaper, I’d love to work with you.


    Discounts of up to 20%


    Pricing is on an individual order basis - orders will be taken offline with email confirmation sent from the Kiln website

    All online pricing is kept as fair as possible - I am therefore unable to offer a flat rate discount or discount orders for single items

    Kiln is not VAT registered


    Access to products not yet listed online

    Flexibility + help to manage your deadlines/installations -

    I am able to hold purchased items until needed

    Expect my one to one help - with ten years experience in the design industry I understand the process + I will do my best to fulfil your project brief + support your project needs

    Assistance with overseas shipments


    If you are needing a number of items or expect repeat business over the coming months.

    No need to be a registered company - a website or business social account is all that is needed.

    No account set-up - just drop me a message!

Email me or fill out the form below