How antique pottery can work in the garden

The organic sculptural form + earthy clay of our pots are perfectly in-keeping with natural surroundings, irrespective of your garden design. From those traditional English country estates with antique French Arras garden furniture + Willy Guhl planters to contemporary urban courtyards. Here's how to find a place for Kiln’s large antique decorative olive pots within your outdoor space.


    Create a sculptural focal point within the garden with a statement urn. Large pots tend to have decorative details such as carvings + ribbed banding, which along with their weathered + aged patina, make for charming standalone features.


    Alternatively position pots within a planted boarder, the hints of their grandeur above the planting adding another dimension + structure. By incorporating pots into your beds, when perennials die back + deciduous shrubs loose their leaves, you still have year-round interest.

    Style your garden furniture with smaller pots for beautiful decorative character – leave outdoors throughout the year or bring inside to enjoy in the Winter months.

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    Olive pots work great repurposed as planters. If you’re a passionate gardener with an eye for design then they offer a unique alternative to modern terracotta plant pots. Whats more, Kiln's pots range up to 90cm tall – larger than many commonly found planters.


    If garden space is at a premium, combining your planting with a pot that adds decorative character is an effective use of space. In urban gardens, particularly if your area is hardscaped, climbing plants can be a great choice + are happy in pots.


    Certain plants will aesthetically be better balanced to the typical shape of Turkish olive pots, suggestions are shared below.

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    Typically plants that can survive with a more restricted root space will do well - its best to do some research first on the suitability as a container plant.

    Suitable suggestions that look great in Kiln's large urns include:

    Evergreens. Olive trees, Holly, Pittosporum, Bay, Ligustrum, Trailing Rosemary

    Ornamental trees. Myrtle, Cherry + Fruit trees

    Climbers. Clematis, Climbing Roses, Ivy

    Suggestions that work well in small tabletop pots:

    Herbs, Lavender, Erigeron Karvinskianus, Muehlenbeckia Complexa

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  • Small pottery pieces on antique french garden furniture + large planted olive pots on country garden path
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    Almost all of Kiln's antique pots can be positioned outside, the exception to this are those with a whitewash finish - white glazed pots, along with all other glazed + unglazed terracotta pots can live outdoors year around. Expect that they will continue to weather + take on new patina.


    Due to their age, antique pots are not entirely frost resistance, when used outdoors, a drainage hole is advisable to prevent sitting water - many of our pots will have one in the base already.

    If used as a planter we recommend using a plastic pot liner within to allow for expansion of frozen soil + water.


    For larger floor standing pots there is sometimes a risk of tipping, particularly if the base is narrow. Filling the bottom with large stones will add weight + create a decent footing.

    Alternatively, you can sit your pot in a metal pot stand - left outside this will subtly weather. Kiln offer a variety of sizes + can help advise.

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    Are you a UK based garden designer, landscape gardener, swimming pool contractor, outdoor kitchen designer… If you create incredible gardens, it would be great to connect. Antique olive pots are incredibly versatile as outdoor styling pieces from country gardens to contemporary urban courtyards, Kiln can supply the unique finishing touches fitting for your creations.

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