With a belief in taking a considered + thoughtful approach to create meaningful homes, designed to stand the test of time, this too is applied to how Kiln is run.

Caring for both our immediate environment + minimising the wider impact we have on the planet - here's how Kiln strives to be a responsible + sustainable brand.


    Kiln is focused on extending the lifespan of pieces already in existence. Salvaging artisan-made pots from their years of former use + repurposing to beautiful homewares. In celebrating traditional craftsmanship we reduce the demand for the ‘perfection’ of mass production.

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    Each Kiln piece was originally crafted with quality intended for a long-life + demanded to work hard. Furnishing our homes with pieces of a long-life span, that are timeless by design, will outlast passing trends.

    The unique charm of antiques create soulful connections, meaning each piece introduced to our interiors is of well-loved value + sure to find place in its forever home.


    Terra-cotta, (Italian: “baked earth”) meaning any kind of fired clay. This organic material coming directly from the earth is used in its raw state to be modeled + kiln fired. Meaning all of Kiln's pots are made from 100% natural materials + kind to the environment.

    Kiln's 'of age' artisan-made earthenware are organically formed + rich in texture. These natural homewares hold timeless qualities + are beautifully versatile. They give a sense of calm + help us to form connections beyond our interiors.


    Repurposing is core to Kilns ethos - very little in the running cycle of Kiln is bought brand new. All parcels are sent with reused boxes + packing materials – sourced from local businesses. Not once have new boxes been bought for Kiln orders! To ensure parcels arrive safely bubblewrap is used - the majority comes from a local awning installation company who’s products arrive wrapped from the manufacturer. Other sources are all secondhand - preventing the demand of new plastics. Labels are from recycled paper + recyclable too.


    Kiln work with + support small, family run businesses. All of Kiln's pieces are sourced from within the UK from a handful of suppliers based in the South, near to our Bristol base.

    Kiln lamps are converted locally by an independent specialist.

    For large pot deliveries, where ever possible independent courier companies are used + routes are planned economically.

    Local companies provide Kiln with their unwanted packing materials to be as eco-friendly as possible.


    Accessibility is at the heart of Kiln's foundations, this guides many decisions on how things are run. In order to offer fair pricing, Kiln is a one-woman business, run from home, with everything seen here + behind the scenes tackled solo.

    Including the gritty job of scrubbing clean each pot salvaged from the terracotta graveyards. In seeing the potential in something otherwise disused + abandoned means purchasing below the true value + Kiln is delighted to be able to pass this on.