Styling your Olive Pot with a Tree

Whether you've started with the tree + ended up here for a pot, or you have found your perfect pot + would now like some advice on a tree...the below potting guides have you covered.

Kiln's large floor standing pots are suited to both inside + in the garden + therefore can be repurposed as planters for indoor trees (both real + faux) as well as for outdoor trees.


    Styling your pot with a tree indoors creates an elegant focal. Finishing the pot's opening neatly with dried moss can look particularly smart.


    Certain plants will aesthetically be better balanced to the typical shape of Turkish olive pots. Suggestions for both real + faux trees include:

    Olive trees, Tree Fern, Citrus trees, Ficus Fiddle Leaf, Weeping Fig, Rubber tree

    Choosing antique pots for the home 

    Kiln's pots range up to 90cm tall – larger than many commonly found planters + a great statement for the garden.


    Suitable suggestions that look great in Kiln's large urns include:

    Evergreens. Olive trees, Holly, Pittosporum, Bay, Ligustrum

    Ornamental trees. Myrtle, Cherry + Fruit trees

    Climbers. Clematis, Climbing Roses, Ivy

    Choosing antique pots for the garden