Choosing antique pottery for the home

How does this sound? To have a home that is as individual as you are, filled with objects of meaning, that bring you pure joy + that you’ll never want to part with. To truly achieve this it is realised that we must take our time to find our own treasures; homemaking so each room feels collected, not decorated. Discover these qualities within Kiln’s pieces.


    Kiln’s pottery is every shade of neutral; a palette that is eternally versatile + timeless. Natural earthy sands, muted deep browns + rich terracotta’s that stay close to nature, to create warm, comforting + calm interiors.

    Made from 100% natural materials, the simplicity of using raw clay creates organically textured interest + varying tones across the surface inherent to each piece.

    Terracotta is a quality, sustainable material that holds timeless value + means Kiln's pots look as good today as they will continue to from the place they find within their forever homes.


    Beyond the aesthetics these artisan-made earthenware were originally hand thrown + irregularly formed, meaning each is completely one-of-a-kind.

    Further enriched by their years of former use, Kiln’s pots are of entirely authentic age; allowing for full appreciation of their rustic ‘perfectly imperfect’ beauty for all their worth.

    In valuing the traditional craftsmanship, we have both preserved the works of the individual artisans + the journeys marked by the patinaed surface of each pot. Qualities so uniquely special + impossible to replicate.


    Salvaged from the terracotta graveyards of Turkey + across the Levant, Kiln’s pots all date back to the late 19thC – Mid 20th C + have lived a life of loyal use storing + transporting olive oil, grains + fruits across Europe.

    They have since been revived of their charm, each with a soul + a story to tell. In discovering their true beauty, you have the chance to give these old pottery pieces a second-life + to own something completely unique to you + your home. With each piece steeped in its own historic character + the telling signs of previous life, they offer something truly special to display in our homes.

  • Dark clay terracotta Turkish Amphora pot as standalone statement table centrepiece
  • Statement table centrepiece rustic Antique vase styled with delicate dried flowers
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    Despite the term ‘antique’ + the heaps of history these pots hold, they are not solely reserved for period properties + traditional tastes. The ‘old meets new’ movement aspires to embrace the second life we can find in old things to minimise the need for new, even in contemporary settings. In fact, this is where antiques can really stand out in contrast to the aesthetics around them + create a real conversation piece.


    With an ever changing range of styles + shapes available, create an eclectic blend or choose one style to complement a vision for a Mediterranean haven, modern country farmhouse feel, wabi-sabi vibe, Japandi style amongst other inspirations.


    There is place for antique pots in just about any room in the home (+ outdoors). They are incredibly versatile + what’s more you are not limited as to how many surfaces you can style as each pot is completely unique.



    Smaller pots are particularly suited layered amongst other styling pieces, they work great positioned on top a stack of coffee table books or nestled on a bookshelf.

    Whilst larger statement pots make for perfect table centrepieces, left empty to celebrate their decorative texture + charm.

    Large floor-standing pots or urns offer real grandeur to a space. They too work on their own as standalone pieces, + where budget allows, they create beautiful pairings + small groupings.


    Antique pots also pair beautifully with floral arrangements + where pots have wide openings they can be used as vases.  

    Pots work brilliantly for arrangements that are much longer lasting, preserved olive branches, eucalyptus, dried meadow flower, or for a striking statement, twisted willow or indeed a salvaged tree branch in bloom as a temporary filler.

    For fresh flowers or foliage, it is recommended that a pot liner is used as terracotta is a porous material.

    Larger urns can also be used as planters for indoor plants + faux trees.

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    Large urns work great repurposed as planters. What's more, Kiln's pots range up to 90cm tall – larger than many commonly found planters.

    Certain plants will aesthetically be better balanced to the typical shape of Turkish olive pots, suggestions include, Olive trees, Tree Fern, Citrus trees, Ficus Fiddle Leaf, Weeping Fig, Rubber tree, Sophora Prostrata

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    Are you a UK based interior designer, home stager, architect…

    If you create incredible homes, it would be great to connect. Antique olive pots are incredibly versatile styling pieces from country homes to contemporary urban spaces, Kiln can supply the unique finishing touches fitting for your creations.

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