Planting in an antique olive pot


    A couple things to note...


    Firstly. Make sure you choose your plant carefully, container grown plants rely on you to give them everything they need.


    Secondly. Be mindful if the pot opening is wide enough for your plant.

    Despite some Kiln pots being incredibly large, typically the openings of old Olive pots are proportionately small (often under 20cm). Consider the size of your plant’s root ball + any future plans to repot.


    Thirdly. It’s best not to plant directly into your pot to

    a. protect your pot

    b. pots are porous + so drainage from watering could damage floors

    c. pots are often deeper than what your plant will need + you want to be keeping that moisture around the roots.

    So have a flexible pot liner ready. Available in a host of shapes + sizes – choose best for your plant rather than your pot (as a rule of thumb, pots for small trees/substantial plants want to be 40cm wide + 50cm deep+). The flexible plastic can be trimmed to a perfect fit + expands open once pushed through the mouth of the pot.

Guide to planting tree in Antique terracotta pot - visual pot liner + stone drainage



Start by adding one or two drainage holes to the bottom of your terracotta pot - it may already have one. Turn the pot upside down + use a masonry drill on a slow setting.

Fill the base of your pot with large stones/rocks - this will allow for good drainage + weigh down your pot.

Stab several holes to the bottom of your plastic pot liner. Save some smaller stones to add drainage here too.

Planting guide for antique terracotta garden pot - using plastic pot liner


Fitting your pot liner

Make sure your large stones are stacked to a suitable height + a sturdy foundation for your pot liner to rest on.

Fold the liner to fit your pots opening + expand out once inside. Check the fit + if too tall or wide, cut from the top rim to trim as necessary.

Remove + wrap in bubble wrap to allow a snug fit to avoid your liner tipping from inside the pot. This also helps to insulate your plant. At the same time, if preferable, run waterproof black tape around the rim - this will blend more discretely once filled with soil.

Mediterranean Olive Pot planted with olive tree - guide to planting



Whilst still empty, pop your liner back into the pot - this should now fit nicely. Plant up as you typically would.

Add small stones to the bottom for drainage.

Add a layer of soil + a compost mix.

Position your plant + backfill with soil up to the top of the liner + water.

For indoor plants - if your liner still shows or to polish up the finished look, add some decorative moss over the top of the soil. Place your pot on a terracotta dish.


    OUTDOOR PLANTS: Keep well watered, especially on hot summer days, + fertilise smaller-growing varieties regularly. Replace the top 2.5-5cm layer of soil each spring with fresh potting compost.

    Protect your containers from harsh frosts by insulating with a few layers of bubble wrap.

    INDOOR PLANTS: Water + feed regularly. Ensure your plant is positioned away from a radiator + near a window for natural light.